Joshua Smith, Phoenix Valley Realtor

About Me

Welcome! My name is Joshua Smith, and I'm a Realtor working with Revisto Real Estate Group.

I launched my real estate career with a passion and a vision to contribute greatly to the families in the Phoenix Valley and surrounding areas.

Why Hire Me?

Figure Out Where You Are

When considering selling your home, your first thought should be, "How much of our equity will we be able to keep?" That's where I can help.

Let's Determine Value

One of the things you'll need to know is the value of your home. I will provide you with a free, no obligation Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).

We'll Make A Plan

I will help you maximize your money and insure the most equity in your home-buying process.

Have you heard of the half price listing?

I'm the founder of The Half Price Listing. Have you heard of it?

The seller of the home pays the commission for two real estate agents out of the proceeds they make at closing: their own listing agent and the buyer's agent. The total commission is typically 6%, with 3% being paid to each agent.

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